Kathy & Chris

Kathy (the Parkinson's patient) and Chris (Kathy's husband and the caregiver) both take the Saturday Yoga for Parkinsons classes and we have found them to be of great use in our daily lives.

Kathy says that she has discovered that the Yoga helps her with balance and relaxation, which is a great relief at night when she finds it hard to fall asleep.  It also helps her in fine motor skills, having to hold a position for a period of time.

Chris has found that doing Yoga helps with stretching his muscles after exercise and that it also helps with balance since he sometimes suffers from vertigo.

Both have commented that they will continue Yoga for the foreseeable future, along with the exercise and healthy eating that they have put in place for years. They do add that the social aspect of the Yoga class also helps them meet people and expand their social networking beyond local contacts.

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