Founder's Message

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in March 2011. I had been seeking a diagnosis for a few years, and maybe it was PD all along. (In hindsight, I think so — but who knows?) I was relieved when I was informed of the diagnosis. Relieved? — Am I crazy? No. — I felt relief since I now had something to fight against — my symptoms now had a name — and I began to work at this.

Before the diagnosis, I knew that yoga was helping, even before knowing what my condition was. After getting the diagnosis, I started taking more yoga classes, pushing myself when I felt lazy or reluctant to go to yoga class. I worked at it almost obsessively, and found that yoga practice helps tremendously. And I saw that through yoga, I could help others with PD, so I earned the certification to teach yoga, and developed sequences for yoga tailored to people with Parkinson’s.

Using yoga to help manage my own PD, I have made improvements in balance and gait, among other things. But, yoga practice is not only results-oriented; it’s also about the quality of the time I spend in yoga practice: For 60-90 minutes each day, it feels as if I don’t have Parkinson’s at all.

When your mind and your body are one, you are focused, living in the moment, fully here and now. In my humble opinion, most or all motivated Parkinson's patients can benefit from practicing yoga.

How about you?

Are you ready to join us in practicing yoga?


Our Classes

In summer 2012, our first Yoga for Parkinson's class started, and is open every Saturday at ACAC (Atlantic Coast Athletic Club) in Timonium, MD.

In fall 2014, our Yoga for Parkinson's class in Columbia started, and is open most Thursdays, at Bain Center in Columbia, MD.

Check our calendar for open/closed dates.

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